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email dari supporter kawasaki kepada aremania

ini adalah email asli dari supporter kawasaki ketika arema main di LCA semoga ini bisa membuat aremania semakin kreativ dan semakin maju kedepannya amin... langsung ajah cekidot...

From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] ] On Behalf Of
> arema25
> Sent: 22 Maret 2007 11:39
> Subject: [arema] Surat Suporter Kawasaki tentang AREMANIA
> Dear Aremania.
> My name is Ogasawara, but my friends call me "Oga". I've been Kawasaki
> supporter since 2001. At that time, Kawasaki played in 2nd Division.
> That was dark era of Kawasaki. But we promoted to 1st Division 1 for 2
> years ago.
> This year, we play in LCA. that is our first international match.
> Today I'll tell the view of Kasawasaki Frontale supporter for Aremania
> and the match.
> Our tour was official tour that included 16 people, and some
> unofficial tour went to Malang, and Japanese students who study
> Indonesian came to stadium. So probably 40-50 people supported for
> Kawasaki Frontale.
> Our tour's people are almost office worker. They manage to pay the
> money and take a holiday for our first International match, so please
> not think that all Japanese are rich (hahaha).
> Our tour visited in Singapore at the first, but next day, we had to
> wake up at 4:30 o'clock!
> We flyed to Surabaya, and went to Malang by bus. Of course, without a
> rest! I heard that there was heavy traffic jam, so tour side made the
> plan like that. We had to visit the stadium before the game play.
> We are very sleepy in the bus, but almost supporters didn't sleep.
> Because there was various Indonesian culture from the window of bus.
> I've been to Indonesia for 5 times, but another supporters are first
> trip in Indonesia.
> After we went through SAFARI PARK, we found some Aremania who ride a
> bike. We reach to stadium, the town's colour went to blue.
> I was so excited, because that is HOMETOWN of AREMA. I've never
> watched the scene in Japan. You know, Football is not No. 1 Sports and
> I can imagine that the game will be tough.
> Before we visit to stadium, we took a lunch at TUGU restourant in
> Malang. The food was very good and interior was very nice. To tell the
> truth, the food we had in Singapore was very bad, the taste of fish
> was maddy and there was not so hot soup.
> After the lunch, we were very surprised that police guided our bus. We
> are so excited and shout "This is international match!" and many
> people in Malang give us good smile.
> You many know, some supporters of Kawasaki fear for Indonesian,
> because Persikmania throw for Yokohama F. Marinos supporters the
> bottle and stones. Macs-man stole the flag and banner of Yokohama in LCA.
> But Aremania was not. They throw smile and stole our heart. It is
> great scene, football in Euro is group of "Violence". But we can play
> the game without violence, we respect the team and supporters each
> other!!
> I think Malang people has "good-old Javanese spirits". Town is not so
> big, but people has pride and history, so Malang people can smile and
> we found that many kids wear the jersey of Arema.
> I thought J-League is the best league for kids, but I changed my mind.
> If kids come to stadium, they will go to stadium when they are adult
> and their childrens will go to stadium, too.
> The football culture will go on like that. J-League has only 15 years
> old so I respect the Arema and Malang's culture.
> Kawasaki supporter opinion for Aremania
> All of Kawasaki supporters satisfied with hospitality of Aremania, and
> felt that Aremania was very organised. We can't find why the voice of
> Aremania was so big. Without the roof of Stadium, the voice of
> supporters will disappear. But the voice of Aremania is big. Aremania
> has power but don't use for violence. So many Kawasaki Supporters
> respect Aremania.
> But I think the best gift for Kawasaki supporters from Aremania was
> "big voice of Aremania". That is The International Match.
> Kawasaki supporter opinion for the match
> When Kawasaki scored on 55 seconds, we believed we could win by 5 - 0,
> but it was only prediction.
> After that, 1st half was not so good for Kawasaki, probably Kawasaki
> was tired because of long trip and not fit to the grass, balls bounds
> than in Japan, so some of players can't play as usual.
> Kawasaki supporters are interested in No. 21 (Patricio Morales). His
> movement is so fast, and caused problem for Kawasaki's left side. Some
> of Kawasaki supporters said he could play in J-League.
> My favorite player, Ellie Aiboy was very good for 1st half, but time
> went on, he can't move more and more...
> Arema's play is not so dirty, and players know their role each other.
> I've watched some Liga Indonesia's team, like Persija, Persik, PSM,
> but Arema is best organized team. Especially playing in midfield was
> good. That was very good match. 2nd half, we can score 2 more goals.
> Arema looked tired, so they can't pressure for Kawasaki.
> Personal opinion
> The game was my dream and dream come true. I could watch the best
> supporters not only in Indonesia but also in Asia. Aremania is
> friendly and Malang City is very beautiful. That was best memory in my
> life. I'll be back for watching Liga Indonesia someday!!
> Kawasaki side were a little bit nervous for the security, but I think
> it can be less because Aremania respect us, and we respect them, too.
> Only one thing I was dissapointed for Aremania was the people who went
> home before the game finished. In football, 1 minute can make 1 goal.
> So supporters have to never give up. If we give up, WHO WILL SUPPORT
> THE TEAM? Liga Indonesia team tend to give up when they look the lost
> (of course Arema was not). It has to change, and Supporters can help
> the team.
> The last word for all aremania from Kawasaki supporters
> DOMO ARIGATO! Terima-Kasih.._,___

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